BOTS: Detection and Participation During Mexico’s 2018 Presidential Race

Signa_Lab ITESO, Enjambre Digital, Openlabs Tecnológico de Monterrey Translated by Alexandra Argüelles On June 21st network scientist Albert-László Barbási was interviewed at Carmen Aristegui’s newscast. During this interview, a publication posted on Maven7us’ blog (a company Barabási holds partnership with) was presented; this publication allegedly resulted from an unpublished study regarding the influence of bots […]

Message for Internet Society, from the other side of the wall

Originally published in Comunicares Letter of a Young Tseltal whom was denied a VISA to receive an award from ISOC After an extended international call, 25 young people who have made the Internet a tool of social transformation were recognized by the Internet Society (ISOC) and will meet and exchange experiences. Mariano Gómez, of the […]