Message for Internet Society, from the other side of the wall

Originally published in Comunicares Letter of a Young Tseltal whom was denied a VISA to receive an award from ISOC After an extended international call, 25 young people who have made the Internet a tool of social transformation were recognized by the Internet Society (ISOC) and will meet and exchange experiences. Mariano Gómez, of the […]

Surviving a Distributed Denial of Service attacks

August 20th, 2016. Published by Jacobo Nájera in Journeys. El Cosmografo. Translated by Jesús Robles Maloof / Enjambre Digital. ast March Jamie McClelland, a well-known engineer working on the operation of the infrastructure of MayFirst People Linki, started a talk explaining that two types of computer attacks can be identified: those aimed at compromising security […]

Seguridad sin guerra

Ciudad de México a 12 de marzo de 2017 México necesita autoridades civiles capaces de solucionar la crisis de inseguridad y violencia. Es indispensable regular a las Fuerzas Armadas. Una Ley de seguridad interior no es la vía adecuada. Imprescindible trazar un plan de regreso escalonado de las Fuerzas Armadas a sus cuarteles y un […]